Lisa Diane

5 days ago I spent the day at home looking forward to the next day. I was going to see my midwife and we were going to schedule my ultrasound to find out the gender of our baby. I’ve never been so excited to find out the gender.

On Tuesday morning when we arrived at the clinic she had results from a blood test to share with me and everything looked good there. She then said that they could get me in that day to find out the gender. When she stepped out of the room my mother in law (Momma J) and I were so excited.

My midwife came back to the room with the doppler radar to listen to the heartbeat. She couldn’t find it. She had us go to the ultrasound where she checked again and the baby was very still and there was no heartbeat. I don’t know why, but it still didn’t register that my baby was not alive.

Her office had me go to the main doctors office for him to check and I started to get nervous once we were there. We had to wait for a while and I saw a few friends while there.

When he finally called us back and pulled up the baby on the screen it was very obvious that there was no heartbeat and no movement. Several weeks before the baby had been very very active.

Once he measured he realized that the baby had stopped growing about 3-4 weeks before. We have no reason as of now. Anatomically she was perfect, but they are searching for more answers.

This verse if the first scripture that went through my head when the realization dawned on me.

Job 1:21 (KJV) And said, Naked came I out of my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return thither: the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.

This is our third baby in heaven. The first was October 2010, and the second May 2011. It doesn’t get any easier, but it doesn’t get harder. It’s just a sad thing to endure each time.

On Wednesday morning I went in for surgery and I lost a lot of blood during surgery. I’m still very weak, but my family and friends have been very helpful and supportive.

I am so thankful that I chose to have a panel of blood work done to test for genetic abnormalities because it showed the gender of the baby. The morning of the surgery the doctor told Walter that she was a girl. We had already decided on the name Lisa Diane.

Since we didn’t know the gender I had not bought many items yet, except bottles and other gender neutral things. In May, I had gone to Carters and found this beautiful and oh so soft blanket.

green blanket

I have asked my husband to either build me a cedar box or see if we can find one to put her name on and keep this and dress that Momma J got for her. It just doesn’t seem real that I won’t get to wrap her in that softness.

During this time my 5 year old son has been the only child home because my older children have been at camp all week. Jimmy has been such a comfort to me. He has shown more maturity than ever before and has been so sweet.

This evening will be hard for my older kids, but we will make it through together.

Philippians 4:7 King James Version (KJV)

And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Jennifer Horn


Day 5 – My Favorite Avon Products

Anew Reversalist Complete Renewal Day Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 25

When I first started selling Avon I had never used moisturizer faithfully. I had tried different products, but couldn’t find anything I just loved. After trying many different Avon Anew moisturizers I finally found the Anew Reversalist Complete Renewal Day Lotion.

Anew Reversalist Day Lotion

I have been using it now for about 2 years and I just love how smooth it goes on and how well moisturized my face is.

This is my favorite, but it may not be the best solution for you. To see what would work best for you take a look at this quiz.


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Day 4 – My Favorite Avon products

When I was growing up I remember being given a small bottle of Avon perfume. It was an ocean scent and I just loved it. Since I started selling Avon in 2014 I’ve tried many Avon perfumes and although I love many many of them I have a favorite.

Rare Amethyst Eau de Parfum is such a nice pleasant scent. With a mixture of plum, violet and sandalwood Rare Amethyst smells sweet and is a nice every day scent.

rare amethyst

I originally bought Rare Amethyst because my birthday is in February and I have always loved my birthstone, but once I smelled it I was in love with the scent.

Jennifer Horn

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Day 3 – My Favorite Avon products

Hot water. Candles. Bubble bath.

Day 3 is actually featuring 2 of my favorite Avon products, but they go hand in hand. I love a LONG soak in the bath tub with bubble bath, a nice candle burning and a movie on my phone set up so I can watch it. When you have 4 kids and another on the way a nice long bath is a perfect way to unwind and relax.

Avon Senses Bubble Bath is very luxurious with long lasting bubbles. My favorite scent is Endless Ocean .

Avon candles come in a variety of scents and burn for 10 hours. My favorite scent right now is Celebrate Love .

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Day 2 – My Favorite Avon Products

I have always had a love\hate relationship with foundation. I have red skin and it’s hard to cover most of the time. After trying liquid foundation and a variety of cream to powder foundations I finally found my favorite. The Anew Age-Transforming 2-in-1 Compact Foundation was the missing link for me. I have never used a foundation that covers more smoothly, and feels so smooth on my skin. I have recommended it to anyone who asks about foundation because it is just that good.

anew foundation


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7 days of my Favorite Avon Products…Day 1

A Favorite Products list wouldn’t be complete without my favorite serum.

When our Anew Vitamin C serum came out I was a little skeptical of the results. I decided to do an Experiment and was quite surprised to see the results! I immediately started using it and have loved it ever since.

When combined with the use of the Anew AHA Refining Cream and Anew Clinical Extra Strength Retexturizing Peel the results are even more amazing!

vitamin c

Shop this great deal!

Stay tuned for day 2 of my favorite Avon products!

Jennifer Horn

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Time to slow down for the summer.

Life has been crazy. I mean non-stop going and doing. Today I’ve decided to stop doing a lot of what I’ve been doing.

The first thing that I’m slowing down is my Avon business. I will still write blogs and post online, but I won’t be going around town and placing orders from customers. My e-store will be open and ready for business 24/7. I’ll still be available to answer any questions.

I am also stopping a lot of things that were taking up my time.

My middle children have been having health concerns and I’m needing to be much more observant of their health and things going on with them. I can’t do that when on the go constantly.

I’m also 17 weeks pregnant with number 5. I’ll be finding out soon whether it’s a boy or girl, but I’m going to try to spend much more quality time with my kids while we wait for baby to get here.

So for now if you need to place an Avon order please go to

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